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Good afternoon fellas,

I have some sort of intermittent fault. The indicators all work but the dash light doesn't. The fog light doesn't work. Had a look at the fuses, all ok. took them out ,put them back. Then the fog light worked :huh: . The indicators then bacame intermittent sometimes they worked sometimes they didn,t. Checked fuses, all ok. Then indicators worked inc the dash light, but then the foglight now doesn't work :blink::huh: . Do you think its dodgy wiring behind the fuse box. All gauges seem ok, headlights, brake lights all seem ok, except for indicators occassionally and no foglight. And yes before anyone says I know indicators are intermittent ON, OFF, ON, OFF etc etc :lol:

Any advice would be appreciated, Haapy easter, Cheers, Jon

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If you have water leaking down your bulkhead and the seal through which the main wiring harness passes through the bulkhead isn't good then the rear of the fuse-box can get quite corroded. I would remove the fuse-box (disconnect the battery first) and take it off to make sure you haven't got a major problem in the making.

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