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Gigglepin mainshaft


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Today I finally got around to fitting the Gigglepin mainshaft kit to the rear 8274 from the 110

I got to stage one of the intructions and failed - the cam-gear from the winch is 0.3mm smaller than the Gigglepin shaft that it is supposed to freely slide upon - so no dice, there is no way that the cam gear will fit onto the shaft

Also the original Warn cam-gear doesnt really mate to the uprated splined cam that came with the shaft, there are large gaps around the circumfrence when the cam is in the drive position :(

Have I got the wrong bits, is something missing, or are Gigglepin's tolerances really over 0.4mm out? :o

Obviously i will call them first thing tuesday but I'm hoping someone here wil have the answer as there is a few with Gigglepin 8274's

Lewis :)

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I can only assume there are different revisions of the 8274 with different sized bits. It's very unlikely the shaft has not been machined to the correct tolerance. Those that I have seen have been too nicely made (by a grown up) for that to be likely.

I've been plagued with different dimensions of parts in different revisions of Land Rovers & Suzukis. No reason to think Warm will be any different!


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Its a bit of an emergency for sunday so i hope it can be sorted in time. I tired to fit one of my 8074's instead but the hole in the car is 8274 shaped only :rolleyes:

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I very much doubt its the mainshaft that's wrong as they're made by someone very good. Its likely to be Warn changing things over the years.

Simon just said that! "Those that I have seen have been too nicely made (by a grown up) for that to be likely."

I have found variations in brake shafts from early to late winches.

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I have found variations in brake shafts from early to late winches.

I was of the understanding that the variation in size came from the early ones being 1inch dia (25.4mm) and the late ones being 25mm dia, therefore even if the winch is old enough to have an imperial cam gear then it would still clear the presumably metric Gigglepin shaft

I'll find out tomorrow I guess

Lewis :)

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Well, I just spoke to Gigglepin who were very helpfull

It seems I have an eroneous shaft that has missed the final grinding process. They will be sending out a replacement immediately

Kudos to Gigglepin for sorting the problem swiftly and being genuinely interested in helping, rather than the usual "Our products are perfect - you must be wrong" attitude I have come to expect from suppliers

Pictures for those who doubted



Poor fit on the cam


Lewis :)

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For Jim/Gigglepin



Top shaft is from winch that is being rebuilt, lower shaft is from a spare winch (the one is small pieces)

The cam gear and toothed cam gear shown fitted to the lower shaft are the ones measured in the photo's I sent you earlier. The top shaft has the cam gear machined into it.

Top shaft is U/S due to corrosion resulting in seizing of the brake/toothed cam gear. Lower shaft is U/S due to minor corrosion on the brake end of the shaft and tooth breakage on the shaft gear.

The cam mechanism on the top shaft has the flats you describe, whilst the cam mechanism on the lower shaft has no flats and has the anomolously sized cam gear. Photo's below

Cam mechanism from lower shaft with no flats


Showing unusually large cam gear from the lower shaft, next to the Gigglepin uprated cam gear


Hope some of this helps

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