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Fitting A Second Altenator Question

Guest weeble

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Help please.

Does anybody know of an easy way to fit a second altenator to a turbo diesel engine on a 90?.

I seem to remember a thread on the forum about fitting a second alternator. Everything about the physical mounting is described therein.

Will you connect the second alternator to the same batteries the primary alternator is connected to? If this is the case, and your target with the installation is to reduced the load on the primary alternator you should make sure the resistance between the alternator and the batteries is the same for both alternators. This can - of course - be measured out, but lot easier to achieve by using two equal lengts of same diameter cable to connect the alternators B+ terminal to the batteries (or common point on the starter solenoid) If the alternators are fitted with remote sensing (sens) terminal, this should be routed to the positive terminal on the batteries, again using same length of equal diameter cable.

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Just give my tame mechanic a ring ;) ;) . He knows most things and should be able to sort it out for you. Failing that I'll be down soon to sort it for you :D :D

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Guest diesel_jim

As the old TD block is the same as the non turbo 2.5, you could utilise some of the FFR parts off of a military engine, this will give you the double belt crank pulley (assuming you wanted to run individual belts for the second alternator), and you may be able to modify the mounting bracket from holding the HUGE mil generator into holding a smaller one.

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