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Autobox wiring loom

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I am now on the fiddly bits with the conversion. Have searched tech archive but no specific guidance on how and where to splice the RR autobox loom into.

At one end: Gearbox plug and Brown/Red wire (with female spade) to go to Starter.

At other end:


Green/ Brown stripe

Black/ Orange stripe


Yellow (goes nowhere after plug).

Brown/Red (see Q3 below)

1) One set of wires presumably match up to the 2 reverse light wires that I have.

2) The other pair will need to provide the inhibit function. How and where is the best place to splice these in?

3) On my Defender loom, I already have a Brown wire that connects to the starter (spade connection), can I discard the rangie one or does this form part of the inhibit function.

Help appreciated.

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When doing my auto box conversion I had 4 wires coming out of the plug that goes into the gearbox.





One pair is for the reverse light switch and one pair are for the park inhibit switch. I can't remember which way round, but 2mins with a multimeter will be able to tell you which.

I used the reverse light switch wires to switch a relay to switch on the reverse light as I wasn't sure they where up to carrying the full current. Just supply one end with +12V and connect the other to switch the relay.

The park inhibit switch was connected in series between the ignition switch and the starter relay. Along with an over-ride switch in parallel.

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