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Basic question - just curious

Guest MJG

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Why does the hand book for my series III say I can change from low to high whilst moving but that I have to be stationary to go from high to low...

Just curious really, I just would have thought one operation is a simple reversal of the other - but that could be my lack of (shortly to be further developed!!) mechanical knowledge.

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Personally I always stopped the Series before pulling the red lever in either direction, the yellow knob can be pushed down on the move.

That's what I thought would have been the best/safest option so was curious as to why the handbook says it's OK to go one way but not the other whilst moving.

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Common sense really, try changing from 4th to 1st in your road car at 70 mph, you'll hear the teeth strip off.

At that sort of speed yes of course it's common sense but I thought the operation would have been safe up to a certain given speed say 5-10 mph, but as the handbook says the vehicle has to be completely stationary.

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Anyone who has done extensive towing of heavy trailers or caravans with 2 1/4 litre powered series 1, 2 or 2a vehicles would or should be proficient at double declutching for changing transfercase ratios either up or down ,as it,s merely an extension of the technique used when selecting first or second gear in the main box. I towed a 2 1/2 ton caravan around Australia with an old 2A, and on long climbs, always mindful of the propensity of these gearboxes to break layshafts when towing in second gear, became quite adept at changing from high to low range once 3rd gear started to run out of puff, and back into high again when the road levelled out. It takes a bit of practice to make smooth crunch free changes but is doable. Just practice in 3rd and 4th gear and be progressive with clutch pedal operation until you get the hang of it, so as not to shockload the transmission.


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