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Tyre Question


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Personally Tony, i would put the new to front, !!

Working on,

1 the extra grip ! might postpone putting in the front locker a bit longer, so saving joints/shaft/breakages,

2 ? Better front end grip to get out of ruts

3 Help reduce understeer on slow muddy corners !!

But, then, what do i know !! :unsure:

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Rear is better for climbing...

Also depends on whether you approach something with a determination to get through it, in which case fit on the rear, or a requirement to chicken out and reverse, in which case put the new ones on the front and fit them the wrong way round to get maximum grip in reverse :)

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i'd put them on the front and make sure they are on the right way around

TJ you still there.....

Still here, and also, yep, i, or rather the workshop did once put mine on the wrong way !! no difference !!

hey, i may know more that i though :ph34r::blink:

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