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Strange wires, what for?


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While stripping out the nearside inner wing top on my RRC prior to welding I came across a pair of wires tucked behind the loom on the wing top.

They sprout out of the loom about half way between the coil and the washer bottle.

One is White and the other Brown with a black tracer.

The Brown/Black one has an insulated female spade connector.

The White one appears to have had a spade connector which has corroded away.

It also appears to have been shorted to chassis as it shows signs of overheating/melted insulation.

I've trawled through the wiring diagrams in the Haynes manual but can't find these wires.

White seems to indicate a +12v connection which would explain the overheating if it shorted to chassis.

Anyone have any ideas what these wires were/are for?

The RRC ran fine and all electrics worked before so I'm a bit stumped.

Maybe I'll just chop them and insulate the ends and see how it goes

Cheers, Bob RRC V8 3.9 efi

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I know the wires you mean, they are also on my RRC & they arn't connected to anything (I don't know what they do either) so I just made sure that they could not short out & secured them to the loom!

Thanks Simon, I'd have done the same if I'd known they were there. It's on my "to do" list now.

Cheers, Bob

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Brown as the main colour of a wire generally indicates +12V supply where the supply is striaght from the battery, is not ignition controlled and often unfused.

White as the main colour of a wire generally indicates the +12V supply controlled by the ignition.

Brown / Black is listed on the lucas colour tables as the horn ( or at least could be an older version of the loom for the horn which never got removed for later models ) Makes sense, since you can normally toot the horn when the ignition is off ( hence brown wire for reasons above )

The white wire could have been used for anything that would want a +12V supply when the ignition is turned on ( stage 1, stage 2 or crank ). These include things like the coil, fuel pumps, ignition feeds, stop solenoids etc etc etc

You'd be safe to just insulate them.

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