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got myself a NAVMAN PIN 570, cracking satnav/pda. managed to get memory map on it, just wandered if anyone has an idea on how i can run memory map as a gps, for when green laning

Many thanks


Just start ~MM up, go to GPS setup and set it to the right com port. Should be com 1. I dont have that one, but did set someones up for them.


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tried that, dont dseem to want to play

What operating system does it run?

Only Windows Mobile 5 will allow you to run two programs which talk to the comm port simultaneously via an application in 'settings' called GPS.

If it runs Pocket PC 2003 or similar, it will only be able to hook into the comm port if the main Navman navigation app has been shut down. You will have to try several different port numbers to find the correct one.

The GPS app asks which port your GPS is actually attached to (Comm3 on mine) and for a 'virtual port' to which applications can connect (I used Comm5).

Both TomTom & MM conect to the virtual port (Comm5) and can both work at the same time.

I found I have to start up MM first then TT otherwise TT does not believe it is a real port. Done in that order it works fine.


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GPS settings should be:

Manufacturer : NMEA (not Navman oddly enough)

Model (will default to NMEA 0183, RMC)

Port : COM 8, GPS on Navigator

Baud : 9600

Then make sure GPS is switched to on in the main settings BEFORE you boot up Memory Map. You will need to switch on GPS each time before you boot up Memory Map.

Works a treat. Excellent hardware/software combination.

Happy laning!

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