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In the 8 years since I last had to concerned by this, much has changed.

I have been to Halfrauds, Mo'Care, Exmoor Trim and other seat type folks.

The Recaro stuff is overpriced poo but the Babybjorn stuff looks good - but there is so much choice and so many complicated abbreviations. When you say Land Rover Defender and Range Rover Classic to a shop assistant they look at you funny - one even asked me if it was for my Grandchild (alomst a candidate for Rotten.com/foriegn objectsinsertedinthe body)

So what works well? What fits nicely? What will keep small people safe from 0 to 4 years? What doesn't have straps and buckles designed by Tomas D'Torquemunda?

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From what I have seem most 0-4 seats are a bit of a compromise for 0-1. We have a Mutsy traveller seat (to fit our buggy) and will get a 1-4 seat when required. Dunno if it fit's in the 90 but then that doesn't have LR seats anyway.

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