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8274 and Simex


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Two quick questions

When lowering out with an 8274 does anyone else ever get a really horrible loud grinding sound like the gears are skipping teeth?

The winch doesnt speed up any and when the button is released it slows down and stops as it should. It only started to happen 15-25ft into the lower out and then when stopped was fine after for another 10feet until it did it again

Any clues?

Is this a sign of Impending doom? :o

Second question relates to tyres, more specifically cuts in tyres

Will this fail scrutineering at an AWDC event - it goes down to the weave




Any help much appreciated

Lewis :)

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As Jase says,uprated brake shoes seem to do the trick.Mine used to make horible noises when lowering out till i fitted new shoes(mine had the old 2p piece seperate brake pads :o ).Also i greased my new shoes when i fitted them after some advice from Gwyn lewis and now lowering out is a much less snatchy noisy affair :D

I think your tyres would have to be pretty bad to fail scrutineering,most events i have done havent paid much attention to tread damage.After all you could have brand new tyres at the start and them be absolutely f***ed within 10 minutes of starting,especially in slate events :angry:

Paul :)

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1 of the big tyre companys around Maidstone do repairs on sidewalls. So it's not the end of the world. If you are that bothered about it get a shed load of rubberglue/compound and glue -clamp it back together. Smear with a bit of mud and no one will know the difference. Only you and you could use that as the spare only.

Just my thoughts. Could be complete rubbish though

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