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rear spring mounts

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Hello everyone,

I have a Defender 90 with a 4” lift and running 37” Mickey Thompsons Competition Claw. At the rear, on upward travel the tyres are fouling on the spring mounts.

Over here (Belgium), nobody seems to have experience with problems like this, mostly due to the fact that very few run such big tires.

I was hoping to get some tips from you guys on how to resolve the problem.

I already have 30mm wheelspacers fitted, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to increase the track any further without switching to wider axles (which sounds tempting, but a bit to expensive at the moment).

I have been thinking about cutting off the outward most part of the spring mounts for just that little bit more clearance, but am worried about strength issues.

Another possible solution I’m considering (after browsing through the tech archive) is changing the mount for the A-frame balljoint. If I were to move this mount upward about 4”, corresponding to the lift, this would not only restore the angle of the rear axle to normal (and reduce propshaft vibrations) but also change the axle rotation centre, which could lead to less inward movement of the tires for the same vertical displacement.

Kind regards,


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