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200tdi Pulley


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Anyone know if theres a double waterpump pulley for a 200 tdi disco engine

want to move my alternator to the other side of the engine and was thinking

about fitting a double pulley on the water pump, does anyone see any probs with doing this ?

i have the extra pulley that fits onto the plate in front the diesel pump (guessing for aircon)

would it be better to work off that some how ?



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can take the pulley off and weld another 1 onto it,

wasnt sure if there would be any probs with the bearing in the pump

from running somthing else on it

my crank has the 2 v pulleys but using the back 1 looks astho it would be really close to

rubbing on the casing (front 1 has the wather pump and power steering)

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The 3 groove crank pulley LR part number ERC6859 is the best way to run another or a re-positioned alternator, it just bolts on in place of your existing pulley, rearmost grove is water pump/existing alt, centre groove for air condition pump, front groove for power steering pump. see pics of mine below. [note- no air cond on my 110]




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thats the extra pulley thing that i have

looks astho it would be easier to use that and mounting bracket for the alt

take it it doesnt really matter that the crank pulley has a bigger

diameter than the power steering pulley ?

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that idler pulley is in the correct place for air con fitted vehicles, you'd be better off obtaining the 3 groove crank pulley run the alts belt from that via the idler as in the photo above, don't think the water pump would take to kindly to having to share it's pulley with another belt.

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