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Side lights Electrical fault

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Hi All,

Whats the saying "theres no pleasure without pain" how true!

After a good day out off roading on Bribie Island, I turn the lights on to find that the instrument panel lights aren't working, upon further investigation I find that the side lights on the right hand side aren't working either, the tracks were very rough so presuming that something had been dislodged I inspected the fuses and the fuse for that circuit had blown, I thought great and replaced it only for the new one to blow straight away, looks like a short, has anyone any experience of this sort of problem and how to go about fixing it? any help would be greatly apprieciated.

Thanks for any help

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Follow the wire from the fuse to the lights and look for a bit with damage to the wire.

Thats easier said that done! I presumed it was a straight short, But does anyone now of any likely spots to start looking, is there a usual area that causes this or could it be anywhere?

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