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Spring size please....

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Guest diesel_jim

I'm currently rebuilding my wide track sankey trailer, and the leaf springs are rusted into a solid lump.... great for shock absorbing! :rolleyes:

Anyway, after looking at and measuring them, they're very similar to LR leaf springs... same width (55mm) and almost same physical size, soooo, i'm wondering if anyone could pop under their series rovers with a tape measure and see what ones i might have? (or which type they're most similar to so i can "modify" some to fit....)

I stopped by Bearmach in town today, they had some very near, but no cigar.

they're approx 104cm "eye to eye" (middle of bolt each bolt hole) long.

depth (where the U bolt fits) is 7cm and the leaves are about 7mm thick

I'm thinking a 109" HD spring maybe, my old SW had multi layer "thin" leaves, these ones are quick thick in comparison (and not as many... 7 or 8 IIRC)

many thanks for yer help guys.


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Guest diesel_jim
I thought Sankey trailers used S2 or 2A leaf springs.


Cheers Les,

i don't suppose you've got one you can measure the distance between the two main bolt holes?


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