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Drive Flange Wear


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I have a pair of spare Series axles that I may need to use on a project vehicle. When turning the propshaft flange on the differential housings I get about forty degrees free rotation before meeting any resistance. This resistance is accompanied by a click-clack-clunk sort of noise at the brake drum ends of the axles, so I presume the drive flanges may be worn!

Is it likely that I can cure this problem by replacing just the drive flanges, or does this level of wear normally affect the half-shaft splines too? New drive flanges are cheap enough, but if I need half-shafts and other parts it may not be worth bothering with.



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I agree with Tonk. 40deg is rather a lot. If it's been like that for a long time you may have altered the contact area/profile of the teeth. You should have a look at the differential assembly and re-set the pinion/crowwheel. It's not to difficult to do on a series axle.


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[i had the same thing some years ago on my rear axle. It was the drive flages and the both the half shafts that were worn. It could also be play in the diff the diff esp if a rover one.

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Thanks everyone. Looks as if I'm going to have to take a closer look!

I couldn't feel any slack in the differential, rather that all the noises were coming from the brake drum ends. I don't doubt there will be wear throughout the axle though!

Les, what is involved in setting the crownwheel and pinion? Is it a shimming exercise or something?



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