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What winch


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Am looking into a new winch but unsure what 2 go for,

After finishing this year building and playing i want to start doing challange events, so what do you think is best????

Warn 8274-50 or hydraulic h12.

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There is a whole thread on people's winch set-ups on here somewhere...... Most people have their reasons for choosing their particular set-up on there too...

Can't remember where it is, but I'll have a look and see what I can find!



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£1200ish will get you a brand new electric winch/plasma rope/stainless fairlead/2 batteries and a bigger Alternator with some carefull shopping

I'd recommend brand new and shop around.

Brand/model is up to your personal choice.

PTO I'd avoid for your intended usage(personal preference)

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To be fast enough for challenge events a MM H12 needs to be either PTO pump powered (like mine) or chain driven engine powered (like the type R- its important to note that you only put the chain on when at the event or when you know that the winch will be required).

To do either of the above properly is going to cost more than your budget, but you would certainly end up with a bullet proof winch that will out pull most things on the market.

Drive assist with a PTO pump is not easily possible, however, drive assist with an engine pump is much better ….. but you have so much pulling power that drive assist is an afterthought.

If you go down the hydraulic route……… the install is much more complex and you would be surprised just how much room is required for the pump, oil tank, pipe work, spool valves etc …………in comparison, electric is almost plug & play.




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yeah but hydraulics better


apart from my mate who reckons that his 8274 can pull at 24m/min at 15,000kg

seriously though russ,

the idea of something like an 8274 is brilliant for ease of installation, use, repair, parts supply, upgradeability etc etc

PTO hyrdo is briilliant from a point of power, reliability, speed (most hydro PTO setups will pull about 6-10 times quicker than an 8274 under load), control, but is not great from the any other point of view.

you takes ya choices and pays ya money.

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