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immobiliser for insurrance


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Argue with them ! Tell them you dont want one,last itme I was asked this question I said yes it has one and I'm going to remove it - which I did.(like most aftermarket ones it was a pain,didnt work all the time) Tell them you will go to a different insurer,do they want to lose the business ?

What they are after is a Thatchem approved one,not much LR security is Thatchem approved,only later stuff.Even if you buy an approved one they want it fitted by an approved installer,not cheap.The other thing is to ask how much dearer the insurance will be without,last time I did this it was about £25.

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If it is a post 1996 Discovery with a two button remote then it has a factory immobiliser and the ECU is stowed away behind the dash down on the passengers side IIRC.

Try and nick it with just the key, that should tell you if there is an immobiliser fitted :D

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thanks for replys

I have brought a thatcham approved immob and will fit that to the "BOX" (what the discovery should have been called - especailly mine!)

Doesn't it need to be professionally fitted to gain Thatcham approval??

Either way, is no more effective than the standard LR alarm/immobilser on a 300 Tdi.... i.e. a length of wire under the bonnet (well two if you don't want to bump start it) and away you go.... regardess of what immobilser you've got acting on the ignition key.


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