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CV Joint troubles

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Hi Chaps,

I am normally on Landrovernet :ph34r: (but I have only owned my 300tdi 90 for a few months). Anyway I have had quite a few issues in this short time. Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Paddock motors recently explaining everything:

A quick background on what happened:

The splines on the front offside CV joint had rusted and sheared and damaged the drive flange. I called Paddock motors and asked for the parts to be sent answering the questions I was asked about my N reg ('96) Land Rover Defender 300Tdi 90 WITH DISCS ON THE BACK. I received the parts and put it back together. My first trip after was down to Plymouth and back last weekend. Halfway back I noticed a loud grinding coming from the front and then the front wheel locked up and pulled the vehicle onto the wrong side of the road. I wasn't going very quickly luckily (Still 40mph) and there wasn't much traffic so stamped on the brakes and pulled over. The one hub was red hot and when it was loaded onto the AA lorry you could see the wheel had ceased entirely.

Upon dismantling you can see that the end of the CV Joint (with splines to driving flange) has sheared off, and the end connecting to the halfshaft splines has ceased in the stub axle. Now I know that the wrong part was supplied, my thinking is that the incorrect CV joint does not line up with the bearing in the stub axle, hence the damage.

Damaged parts:

Everything in my last order is damaged, or needs replacing because it has been disturbed again i.e. gaskets, swivel grease, seals etc. (obviously I do not need you to send me a new hub nut spanner which was ordered last time. So everything besides this).

Extra damaged bits (caused by fitting incorrect CV joint):

Stub axle and any seals/gaskets/bearings associated with it (I would list everything that is in the stub axle but I cannot get it apart to list what is in there and I don't have a parts manual to hand, therefore all parts needed).

Little rubber hub cap has melted and gone crusty (perished)!! (indirectly caused by this problem, but needed all the same).

I have pictures of all of the parts on my home PC if you would like to see them and can take more pictures of anything you request. I have also consulted the guys on the Land Rover forum that I frequent. If anything is unclear or you have questions, give me a call.

Kind regards,


Paddock Motors were really good about it and have sent me all the parts that were damaged as a result of the wrong part being supplied. However, the CV joint does look different, again.

New one on the right old one on the left...


The length, no. of splines and width of bearing surface are all the same, but there are some splince cut into the side of the CV joint where it was smooth on the old one. What is this for, and does it mean its the wrong part again? (Can I still fit this)

Cheers for any comments/thoughts,


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It the first one was wrong then the new one is the same but with the ABS ring cut on it, then surely it's still wrong?


The CV on the left is the original, original one. The CV on the right is the new one. I have not pictured the wrong one as it is still siezed inside the stub axle.....

I agree. I can't see how the "wrong" CV joint would fit in at all. There are no joints with "slight" differences that I know of. I would suspect either just a bad joint or an installation error.

Paddocks have admitted to their mistake, so case closed... The bearing surface diameter on the CV joint they first sent me was too large for the bearing in the stub axle... This then siezed and caused the drive flange to shear the end off of the CV joint...

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