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I have posted this in the international section as the impending metrication of the UK by the EU will not only have wide ranging implications for the UK but for those outside the EU buying from the UK.

The following is taken from the e-petition:

Since 1995 we have been compelled to measure and price merchandise in metric units but allowes to show the imperial equivalent alongside. At the end of 2009 it will become illegal to make any mention of imperial units. The ban will apply to all products, packaging, advertisements, magazines, catalogues, etc.

The economic and social effects of this ban will be wide ranging. Industries which export world wide will have major problems - many parts of the world still employ imperial standards. Spare and replacement parts for existing equipment built to imperial standards will cease to be available - it will not be possible to package, advertise or catalogue such items. Thousands of citizens with interests in vintage vehicles, preserved railways, model engineering, etc. will be deprived of legal access to tools and materials to pursue their interests. Public opinion is firmly in favour of retaining the option to use imperial units of measure if they so wish.

To sign the petition CLICK HERE.

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