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OT but may be handy for GPS and Mapping systems


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it will be ideal, but not for now... when they are finally released, they will be ridiculously expensive. 6 months after that, and depending on how others developed their own products, maybe they will have a nicer price tag

anyway, that's the future and it only shows that size does matter ;)

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10cm x 7cm is hardly credit card sized!! thats some marketing ;)

and that size is nothing new anyway, they have been around for 10 years+

There have also been car PC's around for years, mainly a hobby area, but a few manufacturers are catching on.

I have built several iterations over 7 years, from boot mounted 486 mostrosity to custom single DIN unit.

start here for info: www.mp3car.com

personally, i have just taken mine out & replaced with a Kenwood system, because it now does all i need.

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