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Tyre valve protectors


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I'm in the market for some valve protectors for the modulars.

I've seen Divsters and the ones on D44 any others?

did you weld them on before fitting the tyres, could they be added afterwards?

the valves I have are far too long so I'm looking out for some shorter ones.

losing the valve caused the demise of a wheel and tyre at the last event I did

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How far do your valves stick out. I have some short one's. If they are anygood to you I'll chuck them in the post. I'll go to my lockup tomorrow and measure them for you

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ive bought them flush fitting valves from demon tweeks aroumd 5 years ago to go on my evo , make cleaning the wheels easyer , and they where a pain in the arse , nuts inside the wheel used to back off , losing air , the caps used to sieze on , and that was on a road car that was nice and clean all the time , ive long since throwen them in the bin and wouldnt touch them again, espessialy on an off roader :ph34r:

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yeah they're quite common in the kit car world and probably quite common in the chav world of cars too.

i'll just toddle off and find a link to some cheaper ones than the orange company .

they would be abit of a fiddle if you were airing up and down frequently as you have to screw the valve on and off the whole time.

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Tony - it might be worth a call to Martin (the one armed bandit) hes got some on his mach 5s to his own design. a std reinforced guard around the valve with a screw top fitting to stop the grud getting in there.

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Wolfrace made a better version with a hex socket in the cap so you can garuntee to get them off again, plus they were not quite flush as they had a hex bolt head on the outside so you could do them up tight.

Looked at the ones shown in the pic above and took them back with out using them they were very poor compaired to the Wolfrace ones.

I ran Wolfrace for 2 years on my M5 BMW with no probs. During fitting I used Loctite on the threads first. :D

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