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Warn 8274 on discovery

eddie c

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You can because there is a vehicle here that had one fitted but I can't recall where he got the bumper from... it might have been First Four Offroad.

The other thing I would say is that the suspension on the Discovery will need serious uprating as the 8274 is a heavy winch and will flatten the front springs considerably, a Discovery is prone to bottoming out at the best of times off road so you will need to look at it I think.

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I have an 8074 on my disco, but it is basically the same:


The bumper came from eBay, but is made by $corpion racing. Whilst I have a very low opinion of scorpion generally, the bumper I have is pretty good. It is not the one for the 8274 however, and I had to modify it to get it to fit. The winch is also a very tight squeeze in there - there is very little room between the radiator and the back of the winch, and I had to slightly modify the bonnet release mechanism to get clearence at the top. To be fair, using the right bumper in the first place may well mean you don't have to do the modifications I did, but I wanted the winch to to as tucked in and out of the way as possible:


I am running very soft springs, and the front is still pretty high. I don't think standard ones would stand up to the weight of the bumper and the winch though.

Hope that helps



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That looks good Mark, that's the type of look I am after. Do you have any overheating problems with a big winch stuck in front of your radiator. I will be looking for something at the Drifield LRO show

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ideally i was after a cheviot one but they dont seem to be producing them anymore. I also modified the scorpion bumper to fit an 8274. With some divine guidance it turned out to be easy, all i had to do was trim down the lip at the back and redrill some holes. Also adding some braces to give it abit more support to help it cope abit better with twin motors.



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