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Something resonating...

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Ive had something resonating for a while now, but it has now become quite a lot worse to the point where I can't live with it. It is engine speed related and only ever below 2k rpm in several places - annoyingly both in 4th and 5th at 30mph amongst others. It also only occurs under load.

It's quite violent (pedestrians look concerned) and has recently taken on what I can only describe as a 'rasping' quality. I can only imagine two things that would make this noise - the springs resonating to the point where they rub/leave the seat, or the exhaust rattling around - although ive got one of these flexible joint thingies in the downpipe that is supposed to stop the transmission of vibration.

As I can't duplicate the noise when stationary I'm a bit stumped as to which one it is, or what I can do about it. Wondering if anyone has had something similar, what it was, and what the remedy was...

Oh yeah...300 TDi Disco. Don't say fit a v8, much as I would like to, they don't like chip fat too much.

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300 TDI....disconnect the exhaust, it will still be quiet - well actually sounds very nice when the turbo kicks in.

Take it for a drive and see if you can eliminate the exhaust from the equation.

........Probably the easiest place to start.

Maybe worn engine mounts too...causing the exhaust to come into contact with something.

Look along the exhaust length to see if there are any rubbing type marks.

Failing that, though not too safe (to be pc) put the vehicle on stands (not jacks) with wheels off and see if you can replicate the noise but don't get underneath.

This way you may be able to better identify where its coming from.

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