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Range Rover Bobtail

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A computer illiterate friend is considering bobtailing his 2door RRC, but information on where to cut etc is proving impossible to find

Does anyone have a how to guide, and can you shed some light on the matter, how did others do theres?

Is it just a case of cut it and see :o

Many thanks

Si :)

The RRC in question:


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Excellent, thanks guys ;)

its easy, just get the grinder out and cut away, Just dont cut throught the wiring loom! the hard bit is making a tidy job joining up the pannels, ive seen so many that look like Sh!t on ebay.

When I started on my range rover i had no idea how much rust i would find, I ended up replacing both sills, drivers footwell floor pan, and both front wings were rotten, and that was on a 1990 vogue!


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