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Fuel Cans Outside?


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Hi All,

Does anybody know if its legal to attach 4 jerry cans,to the outside of my trailer?, they will not stick out as far as the wheel arches, just fancied putting 2 on each side of the trailer, one on top of the wheelarch and one between the wheelarch and the front corner, instead of the roof rack where they normally go,its a Rapier trailer, with a frame and canvas.



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I Was filling up a proper 20lt jerry can in a petrol staition and the desk jocky went mad about me illegally filling a 20lt can and your only allowed 10lt in a can.

After my comment "what do I do pour ten lt on to there forcourt floor or shut up let me pay and I will never darken your doors again".

She let me go.

This was with Petrol I have not had any issues with 20lt of deisel

Has anyone had this problem before??????

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The forecourt attendant is correct. You may only deliver a maximum of 10l of petrol into a properly marked and constructed metal container. (5l for plastic AFAIK). There is no such restriction on diesel. That said, I have not been challenged filling 20l cans of petrol.

There are all sorts of regulations for the carriage of petrol and the size of containers allowed too. I had to do a course on it when I was a driver - something about transport of hazardous substances by road... it was a long time ago! :) In short, you can carry an empty can to fill up and take back to your car if you break down, but not a full one. There are regulations about storing petrol at home too.


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Fixing cans to the exterior of a vehicle or trailer is a big NO in most European countries - it's an impact thing.

Fitting full jerry cans to your roof is just plain daft

As Chris (hello Chris) says, fuel carrying in (note the 'in') has big time rules and regs. Carrying fuel inside the open area of a pickup is a different story

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