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2.5 Petrol Engine

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What do the two solenoids do on the side of the Weber twin-choke carb actually do?

Do they both need an ignition-switched power supply so that they are energised when the engine is running?

They stop the potential for the engine running on and also flooding after switch off by blocking the fuel supply.

Yes, they are linked together by a common wire directly to the positive (ignition controlled) terminal on the ignition coil.



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yes they do.

On mine both wires are joined together and go stright to the coil.


Thanks everyone! I had wired them up like that, but it doesn't idle properly on petrol - it 'hunts' at a fast idling speed. I took them both out and cleaned them - both were slightly gunky.

The one by the carb vacuum port now works happily with a click, but the one by the fuel inlet doesn't. It's as if the spring isn't returning it.

I have downloaded a Def manual, but the exploded diagram shows a carb with only one solenoid - I assume this was the earlier type, does anyone know the part number for the later type please?

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wiring diagram in my [1993 edition] Defender manual shows 2 carb solenoids, both connected to the coil & earth. my earlier manual only shows 1 solenoid [fuel cut-off] fitted to the Weber 32/34dmtl twin choke carb.

hth :D

Found a little rubber washer thing that had fallen into the float chamber when I pulled the sliding bit of the solenoid out! Put it back together properly and it also clicks happily now, so I just need to test it - unfortunately I ran out of time before I had to set off for work.

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that sounds like a successful fix to me, well done :D

I tried it this morning and it's so much better. I still need to warm it up then sort out the mixture and idling speed but at least it starts and runs on petrol!

Thanks everyone. I'm getting there slowly - hopefully have a test drive this weekend!

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