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good price on blue band tube!


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Just thought i would post this for anybody who lives near west london and is after some blue band tube(bs1387 48.3mm x 3.2mm x 7.5m).

I bought some today from a company called FAYS METALS(0208 993 883 and ask for dave) in acton,got them for £34 a lenght(i got 12),now for the good bit,they said as long as you order more than 2 they can do it for the same price :D ,thats £4.50 inc vat a metre which is a bloody good price coincidering most firms want £6.50+ a metre.

Just say Ian from london underground told you about it.

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Paul that just wiped the smile off Les's post

Steve ;);)

Sorry Les, I should have said something before.

I don't usually offer to supply material as I can get asked to cut to specific lengths, pop in the odd bend, birdsmouth a few ends and wave the mig torch over the whole lot and hey presto a cage for the cost of the material!

The pipe deal is as from any stockholder, out of the rack onto your transport, cut in half as a special favour if you ask nicely.

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I was originally quoted over £500 for the pipe, but got it from the Pipe Centre here in Swindon thanks to Biasbilt. A friend of mine has a pikey wagon and they cut the lengths in half for me. Considering what I was originally qouted, the eventual price I paid was peanuts


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