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300 Tdi Defender 3" exhaust


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This was home built last winter from mandrel bends and 3" exhaust tube. The biggest mistake I made (other than attempting the job in the first place) was re-using the dump pipe flange off the original exhaust. Far too contaminated to weld properly it gave me a huge headache and I wasted the best part of a day making it work. Unfortunately I'm 120km away from an exhaust shop, 30km from the nearest village and SWMBO was away for several days and the tractor is currently residing at a friends place with our horses 20km away, so I was stranded until I had an exhaust system in place :rolleyes:

I used a piece of 2.5" tube, made a 15* taper die out of a bit of steel I had and swaged the 2.5" tube up to 3" for the transition from the dump to the exhaust. The cast dump, part of the turbo housing had its throat opened out internally to match the exhaust.


The tube was de-oxidised with phosphoric acid before painting and the local hardware only had silverfrost high temp exhaust manifold paint, but even it can't cope with the heat cycles of a turbo, as can be seen with the surface rust. Aluminised tube copes OK, the only other long term alternative is an HPC or Jet Hot ceramic paint coating.




flange joints were used at the same spots as OE, as were the original rubber hanger rings. The new resonator sits nicely where the original one did. The whole system probably sits higher than the original system did.


User comments are on Paul's 200Tdi exhaust thread. ;)

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Like you said before Rick, that little resonator fits in quite nicely there. Maybe my cheque book isn't out of the woods just yet afterall. :rolleyes:

I can't remember what the dump pipe looks like on those new fangled 300tdis. Is it as restrictive as the 200tdi, dropping down to an i.d. of 40mm or something silly like that?

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the resonator was worth it, I'm amazed how much it cut the noise, considering I'm not running a muffler......yet, and it to has minimal, very small diameter holes.

Unfortunately the middle part of exhaust manifold, turbo housing, wastegate and dump is cast as one piece.


The actual throat of the dump wasn't too bad, i think I only relieved it a few mm to match the ID of the 2.5" tube. IIRC, it pretty much matched the ID of the original exhaust, which was 60mm OD, maybe it was 57mm or so. I know it didn't take too much work to open it up.

The original exhaust was restrictive at the flange, there was a huge mig bead all the way around on the inside of the pipe, protruding about 4-6mm into the tube. I actually ground it out a few months before doing the whole exhaust thing, not that it made any (noticeable) difference, but it made me feel better.

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Do you not get any droning from the outlet turned down under the bodywork like that?? It's what I was heading towards, but decided to have the pipe point straight out clear of the vehicle for that reason.

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err, might. Didn't realise the angle of the dangle made a difference ??!!

Being a ute back might make it less prone ??

I was aiming just to get it tucked up out of the way so it wouldn't get squished.

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