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Brake pads...


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I am starting to get a bit of a squeal from the front brakes on the D2 (TD5) and rather than get stung for over £100 for fitting at the service next month, I'm thinking of buying some Lockheed pads and fitting myself!

Firstly, are the Lockheed pads the ones to go for? Bearmach stock them along with Mintex ones, but I've heard bad reports about the Mintex ones being very soft and making lots of noise.......

Secondly, how difficult is it? I am quite used to whipping the brakes apart on the RR (2 split pins and a bit of leverage and they are out) and have done several cars before now, but the calipers look a bit more complicated than previous ones I've tackled!

Thirdly, are there any special tools that I'll need??

Any pointers gratefully received!



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Different but no harder really, IIRC you unbolt one bolt from the caliper, swing one half of the caliper up on the other bolt, pads out, peel off sticky backing from new pads and put in, put caliper back. Its a while since I did mine but I think it was that easy...

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