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Chris Abel

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Im going to selling my 2003 mitsi L200 Warrior because its now done 82K and its time to change.

Ive been thinking about a disco 2 commercial, because i can still have it as a company van, (TAX) but i would like to put genuine rear seats and seatbelts in, are all the bolt holes there and the carpet still in the rear footwell?

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Carpet is still under the plywood flooring. All the bolt holes etc are still there. Commercials D2's are just stripped out Discovery's.

You just brought a smile to my face! :D:D

Im guessing the electric rear windows still work then? :lol: And the glass in the passenger rear windows is transparent?

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rear windows on the works one are see-thru-ish (very dark tint)

not sure about the electric windows haven't tried tbh and only had it for a couple of days. they wouldn't let me keep it :angry: apparently they needed it for towing the trailer

was nice tho

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Guest diesel_jim

I was chatting to my dealers the other day about freelander2 commercials, they're converting them themselves and getting the vahicles re-registered as commercial.

they're removeing the seats, which you can pick up later on from "round the back of the workshops" are being burnt or otherwise disposed of, plywood'd out, and the seat fixing bolts apparently "have to be welded up, or a bolt sheared off in the hole",

so they're cutting the end of a bolt off, screwing it in with some threadlock, so it looks to be sheared off, then after 5 years you can knock them out, refit the seats and hey presto! instant car (after removing the dark tint and free-ing off the siezed up rear window winders)

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