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Trolley jack for a 110?


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Don't buy a cheap one, they struggle to lift it (even if they say they will lift 3+ tons), if you need a trolley jack either buy a good big 2nd hand one, or just face up to buying something decent.

If you don't need it to roll then a decent sized bottle jack can be yours for £20-30.

I have a 3-ton Sealey trolley jack, came with free axle stands and a half decent 1/2" socket set too for around £100 and it's so much more stable than the cheapo ones.

I also picked up a 20-ton bottle jack at Sodbury brand new for £20 that can live in the back of the 109.

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While on the question of jacks does anyone know were i can buy those "safe lock ones" its a bottle jack built into a axle stand.

You place the one under the axle, jack it up, then lock it as if an axle stand, mate as 2 very handy and quick as no need to mess around trying to put the axle stand under, while the jack is holding the truck up. I reckon safer too, about £60 a pair never seen them on sale. Also takes up far less space.

When next in his garage i'll get a pic

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If you find your local sealy agent they often have good deals on this sort of stuff. I have a 2.25t sealy jack which came with a nice set of axle stands and have never had any problems with it lifting the 109 or the lardy disco...

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I have a ratchet type trolley jack. It clicks as you raise the vehicle and you have to unlock it before it'll go back down. I don't actually like using it as it's an awkward thing to get used to.


yea i know the one, the axle stand type saves you the hassle of finding room on the axle for the stand and the jack esp. if the jack is big.

Know someone crushed once trying to put a axle stand under a truck for H&S reasons, should not use farm jack ones they are very unsteady

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