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Like a prick in a top hat


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Either way, a year or so ago I decided to fit Poly-bushes (note the capital P) in my hockey sticks as I was tired of the rubber ones de-laminating and wanted a longer lasting solution. I bought some genuine Polybush blue bushes and, after they had been on the shelf for a while, fitted them. That was about 10 months ago now. Anyway, the front axle seemed to be getting more and more wayward so I removed the hockey sticks to investigate.


The steel inner sleeve is supposed to be a tight fit in the poly-urethane but in all four cases it just fell out when I removed the hockey sticks. All four bushes are about as bad as each other. Pretty poor performance for a "premium" product IMHO. I have not done an excessive amount of off-road driving, in fact comparatively little for me - only some light green-laneing. I have done 10-12,000 miles on the road.


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So it's not just me trashing bushes then Chris.....

So does this open up the general debate of LR genuine parts versus polybushes ??


I think Superpro make a HD version aswell as their normal ones, done for the racers IIRC.


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i'm with luvvers on this.

Was desperate for some bushes, phoned superpro, couldn't haev been more helpful and open.

bushes come with a 3 year warranty FFS, including comp use.

Th sum total of their warranty returns seemed to be 2 bushes EVER- caused by comp safari over a whole season, and i beleived him when he said those were the only failures they had- just wasn't a bull**** type person.

i'll only go genuine rubber or super pro from now on.

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I looked there but thought there would be a recommended UK source !!!

Can someone warn Richard I'll be calling soon......

click the link, then click stockist, then click the union flag bottom right, then click the Land Rover logo, hey presto a list of UK stockist, c'mon keep up. :rolleyes:

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Before you all get carried away - a mate has killed three superpro trailing arm bushes in three uses so far, I am yet to meet anyone who has killed as many metalastic bushes in the same application in the same time

Lewis :)

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Nope, he just does pay and play days, hardly extreme usage. The bushes were supplied with a pair of trailing arms from Kenson, the bushes were replaced by Kenson under warranty

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