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Final Shirt request form for Jez's fund- READ ME


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DO NOT POST ON THIS THREAD PLEASE. please PM me if there are errors or ommissions and i will alter the list- it gets bloody confusing otherwise!

After my disastrous poll (half the votes seemed to disappear!) i am getting together a list of what people have ordered:

Me 1 x XXL and 1 x XXXL

Astro-Al 1 x M

Landyman Luke 1 x XXL

Mark 1 x XL

Mark 90 1 x L

Lovejoy 1 x L

1 x S

BBC (Ian G) 1 x XXL

Jeremy996 1 x XL

Raceface120 1 xL and 1 x XXXL

Russ3120 1 x L

GBMUD 1 x XXL and 1 X XXXl

TJ101 2 x L (although i'll send you an Xl, becuase i know you're only being coy :P )

SteveG 1 x XL

Sheeppimp 2 x L

Jules 2 x XL

Will Warne 1 x M

Les B 2 x XXL

Steve B 2 x XL and 1 x L

Les H 2 x M

Orange 1 x XL

Fatboy 2 x XXL and 1 X M

1 x S

Western 1 x L

SOA93 1 x L

Pux 1 x XXL

Corrode Finger 1 x XL

fridge 3 x M

Lewis 2 x L

Mark Jenkins 1 x L

Moglite 1 x L

Marsie 1 x M

Holyzeus 2 x L to 1 x XXL

V8 Freak 2 x XXXl + 1M

MickMac 2 x XXL

V8RRC 2 x L

Reads90 2X L (sent via jules)

Warthog 2 x XXL

SimonR 1 x XXXL

Geoffbeaumont 1 x M


Darkgreen90 2 x XL

mpb 1 x XL

freeagent 1 x XXL

twizzle 1 x L

Saley 2 x XXl, 1 x M, 1 x L

bobed90 2 x XXL

Kevin Royston 1 x L

Dred90 1 x XL

Gelf 1 x XXXL

Rocker 2 x XL

Jen 2 x L

Broonie - 1 x L and 1 x XL

Divster 1 x L

SIWhite 1 x M

Jericho 1 x M

Daan 1 x XXL

Najw 1 x M

Walfy 1 x L and 1 x XL

Pod 2 x XXL

BishBosh 1 x XL

MoMurphy 1 x XXL

Rod 2 x XXL

Stumpy 2268 1 x L and 1 x XL

Keithjh 1 x L and 1 x M

Orgasmic Farmer 1 x XXL

Top90 1 x M

Ivan 1 x L

Michele 1 x L

missingsid 1 x L

raw 1 x S

Harvey 1 x XL

Shaved Gorilla 1 x XXL

Green 110 2 x Medium

If you are on this list then i WILL expect you to pay up quickly, without provaricating. It's not fair on everybody if a couple of people back out after the order has gone through- it very very quickly eats into the profit, and destroys the point of doing this! please do NOT mess everyone around- anyway i know where most of you live, and i haven't had a good workout in a while :D

Mods- can someone make this sticky, and if possible LOCK it so nobody apart from me can add or edit. (thanks)

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