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101 rear crossmember


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We had to do ours, unfortunately we didnt take any picks.

We got ours form the 101 club, nicely made.

it took 2 days with an angle grinder and big hammer.

we took the rear load bay off as well which made life alot easier.

its no worse than doing it on a series.. its jsut on a bigger scale.

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When I did mine replacement chassis parts weren't available so I had to make my own (this was back in about 1993).

Luckily I had access to a fully equipped workshop at the time and I made up a new cross-memebr from scratch and though I say it myself, I don't think you could tell the difference from my finished product and an original one.

The biggest problem is that there are several layers of metal which makes for quite a complex structure and if the rot has really taken hold then it all has to be replaced. Having said all that, now replacements are available it will be a much easier job for you with none of the fabrication I had to go through.

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