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replacement covers


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i plan on fitting extended breathers to the gearbox, transfer box and overdrive, but i didn't want to drill the original covers, just in case i want to revert them back to their original form

so i was thinking on making some replacement covers, maybe in aluminium. does anyone see any problem with that? are there any heating issues or wear on the threads where the breathers will bolt, that i should know about? if there isn't any problem (and i'm just being paranoid :rolleyes: ), what will a good thickness be, for each of the covers? 2mm, 3mm?

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I would say use alloy that's a bit thicker than the original steel. You can then tap a thread into the cover for the breather pipe - a nut on the inside may foul on something. Use thread locking compound and that'll hold it nicely. Use the original gasket and a small amount of sealant and don't over tighten the fixings or the cover will distort and leak.


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