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LT77 extension case drain plug threads stripped

Roy Batty

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Howdy Folks:

New guy here

and of course with a large problem

1986 exMOD LR90 LT77 gearbox -

Discovered why the 90 was marking its territory so - extension case drain plug ( with screen ) threads are stripped inside the case

Anyone come across this before ?

As I will have to drop the gearbox / transfer box anyway - seperate the transfer so I can repair all the gaskets there - should not be too difficult to have the extension case helicoil'd - anyone know what size ?

Or know of a better solution ?

cheers thanks

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I'm familiar with that awful sinking feeling ;)

I repaired mine with chemical metal and it been fine the last six months.

Helicoil woud be the repair of choice if you're dismantling the gearbox/ transfer assembly. No idea of the thread size though, sorry.


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had the same problem with my sump.. wound the drain plug back in and it just kept rotating... :unsure::blink:

I di the same repaired it with chemical metal before recutting the thread.

I then used a difflock.com drainplug which has a valve built into it, and never needs to be removed.

considerable less hassle than removing the sump. :rolleyes:

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Howdy freeagent:

Cheers thanks for the note - Ya chemical metal would maybe work if I just want to set the plug - but this drain plug has a screen , etc....

good suggestion thought - I will set the bolt till I can get a retap/ helicoil

Cheers thanks

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