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8274 Mods


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Well you have seen Gigglepin 8274 mods and all the good work they have done.

Well...................... saw this over the weekend, i think the R&D must be slightly less than Gigglepins! i think its just waiting CE approval now

Cant tell you whos it is as he will prob give me a kicking and Jase is bigger than me.


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Ha Ha Bluddy ha , Its not a mod its an in the field repair , Brand new 8274 and twice now the circlip has popped and they were fitted the right way round .

What appened waz , The rear winch spat its dummy out on sat on the CSW 2 dayer , so we impovised .

Found all the brake bits on the ground in a bog minus 3 bearings and 1 drive key , We carried on regardless using the front winch around the front wings and back along the sides to do any rear pulls .

Completed the event at 2.30 and then back to the van for repairs , We had a spare cirlip, balls and a drive key so we rebuilt it , But for that extra bit of assurance we found some nice thick washers that were a force fit over the end of the shaft and made a (temporary) weld with a petrol arc welder .

And it worked a treat .

So I think after a grind off and bigger brakes fitted to the winch , another washer will be Migged into place to hold it all together .

BTW my welding is better than this but the petrol in the welder had evaporated leaving a strong oil mix which caused it to smoke and splutter , ( Two stroke welder if you havent already worked it out )

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