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Defender door lock

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Hi all.

My Drivers door lock started having the issue that it would lock on the key but when turn to unlock, it wasn't able to lift the knob and unlock. I thought it was the knob catching on the housing as that is a little cracked so I took that off and glued it up and filed smoothed it all off and refitted.

Anyway still have same issue. Seems the key turns a long way but not enough to unlock.

Before I take the casing apart, what do you think? My initial thought is a bent link arm so the key easily locks but then doesn't pull/push enough to unlock.

Keen to sort out as PS door lock doesn't work at all so currently have to keep leaning through from back door to open which is a pain, especially if boot full or park too close to bush/wall! Good security though!

Cheers in advance for any help.

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I had a similar issue with mine. Yours is the push-button type too isn't it? On mine the problem turned out to be that the button was not popping out fully and that was preventing the lock mechanism on the latch from working. I would suggest making sure that everything is well lubricated and moving freely before you get to the stage I was where I could not unlock it from outside OR inside. That took some head scratching I can tell you! Some silicone spray (Back to Black) on the button may help it return too.


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Hi all.

Cheers for the info and yes it is a push button door, should have mentioned that.

Anyway took the door skin off tonight to see what's what. Have found turning the key has no effect on the 90deg arm that is attached at the back.

Hopefully attached is a pic of the article (first time so hope it works!


The orange circle simply rotates as you turn the key either way. Sure enough the key no longer locks or unlocks the door.

Can someone let me know what I need to replace. Is it the cylinder or can I just get the little bit? Know several people have EPC or similar so hopefully avoids a trip to the dealer to quiz them.

Cheers for now.

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It worked it seems! :)

Naw, I've the same problem. Rust has fallen into the lock and prevents it unlocking.

As I've discovered, (as presumably so has DSN) you don't need to get the door open to wrestle the door card off. :angry:

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