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Anyone running Gon2Far suspension


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Have recently been researching different suspension setups for Series Land Rovers (specifically a Series III).

I know there are loads of parabolic conversions but I really like the idea of the Gon2Far setup, I remember reading an article about them years back and someone recently reminded me of them.

It appears that Gon2Far is no longer trading but CP Components has taken over. However the websites don't indicate this, I'm currently awaiting info from CPC on pricing and a availability.

So any of you guys actually running the Gon2Far suspension setup??? I'd really like to see/hear your opinions about the kit and how you found it off road.

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What Tonk said - the 109 has G2F front spring mount plates and revolvers on the rear but hasn't been out to play yet so can't comment.

Jacking it up in the lab it does have a decent amount, the revolvers give a hell of a lot of droop but how useful that is remains to be seen, and doubts were raised about their resistance to russian motorways. :unsure:

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why buy a kit when its not exactly rocket science to make your own?

the number of zook owners who fab their own revolver / missing link / D flex shackles is quite impressive,

so come on - cant be outdone by the biscuit tin brigade!!!

Dont have any detailed pics at all of the ones on the old trialler, found one of the front, made from 6mm plate and some ø20 x ø16 seamless tube, ground away original mount and welded in place.


Then some gone too far pics:



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Sorry - I've been on walk-about for a bit...

Okay. I have had some Gon2far kit and some other bits that were very like Nigel's gear but done separately. At one point when I still had Series axles, I had Revolvers front and rear (prototypes that Bill at GBR had made up), wide-yolk propshafts from the Propshaft Clinic in Bradford (same place his came from AFAIK), ProComp long travel shocks and Nigel's long travel shock mounts.

I was working on a lot of this stuff at the same time that he was developing his kit and I have to say that he did a very good job of it and that the lockable/unlockable pivoting system for the front end that he developed strikes me as superior to having Revolvers on the front end. It was well thought out and when Nigel was trading as Gon2Far, the workmanship was very good. I'm not saying it has changed, just that I don't know.

I cannot get the full benefit of the Revolvers at the front end. Even with a strengthened, narrow diameter, wide yolk front propshaft, without scalloping the crossmember (which I didn't want to do), that remains the limiting factor. I get good front travel, but a set of military shackles, long travel shocks and mounts (Nigel's extended shcok mount design is very good at the front) would get you pretty much the same thing. I think his lockable pivoting system for the front is superior to Revolvers. On the other hand, extending the front spring hangers a few inches to allow you to run rear end parabolic springs and using military length shackles would probably be the optimal solution.

At the rear end, you just can make a propshaft with enough slipjoint to max out the Revolvers. I did not think as highly of the rear shock mounts, but it was a clever solution to a very difficult issue. With the Volve axles, I use the stock lower mount and a custom higher mount still under the bed. I get a lot of rear travel (sorry can't recall the measurements) but even with a custom wide-yolk shaft that has as much slip joint as can be made, it runs out before the Revlovers are fully extended.

In summation, it's a lot of money to buy the full kit, but it delivers. I definitely have more articulation than a 90 with retained 2" plus springs. At there rear end, I have more but frankly with the portals, 36" Super Swampers, and front and rear lockers, I don't need as much articulation these days ;) The Gon2far system was well thought out and well designed. Were I to do it all over again, I would use the Revolver set up at the rear end but at the front end I would extend the spring hangers forward and run parabolics with extended shackles rather than use Revolvers at the front. The Gon2far pivoting front end system may be equally good but I haven't actually seen it. In my view, it's not a bad way to spend money if the workmanship is still as good as when Nigel was running the show.

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And here are some photos that may be helpful.

These are shots from when it was on Series axles and 32" tyres with the Revolvers on and longer travel shocks, but without the Gon2far shock mounts and long travel procomp shocks. Good, but not Earth-shattering:



And these are post portal shots with 36" Super Swampers but with the Gon2far shock mounts and Procomp shocks. The only way to get more travel out of the front end of a Series is to extend the hangers and mount longer springs:



(pardon my ar5e in the last one)

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Hey guys

got some pics that might be helpful here

if you want the best leaf sprung travel its got to be reverse shackle, SUA, 3/4 elliptical, revolver shackles and Z-gate set up with the Gon2Far shock mod

all these pieces of kit are all used individually or paired but neva all together...another vapour project...but which landy to choose...

any info on how to post pics and ill pop them straight up for you

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