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Where do you put yours?!

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You can tell I am getting to the fiddly bits - Loads of silly questions :D

For those who have done auto conversions on Defenders, where have you put your gearbox oil cooler? I can just about squeze a flat panel Disco one half way up between the grill and radiator, but not really enough clearance to avoid rubber mounted rad. The bog brush one doesn't seem to fit anywhere protected.

How essential are those cross supports for the bonnet catch. If you remove them does the slam panel buckle as you slam the bonnet or is it some LR over engineering?

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Due to having an 8274 set well back towards the rad I didn't have much room in front of the rad either, even after removing the diagonal braces (I have rubber bonnet clips so don't have any stress on the slam panel, any bonnet pins would do the same job), however I did manage to squeeze a 13 row engine oil cooler in there. The auto box cooler is a 34 row one (bit spendy but mine was about 1/3 new price of eblag) mounted in front of the bulkhead with a 9" fan on the back. This works well off road and I've not suffered any over heating problems with the gearbox, have a capilary temp guage in auto box sump and haven't seen over about 95°C. However with a low line winch and the cross braces removed I would think the long flat disco style cooler would fit ok.

Here's a few pics...




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I have the flat disco cooler (as supplied by ashcrofts) in front of the rad at the bottom.

It just fits behind the bracing bars.

The only probs i had was the supplied pipes - just could get them to route nicely. Don;t quite know if i had the wrong ones or what.

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I got one from a company in Wellingbro called Setrab, they make oil coolers, but you can get one and hoses to any length from James Lister Motorsport in B'ham (ask for Andy Berry).

I have mounted oil cooler in front and at bottom of std rad, and Andy made up hydraulic hoses with automotive fittings on the end to fit the cooler/autobox.

My winch (Superwinch EP9000 does not fit so far back as the one in the piccy so have room.

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Thanks as always for the great response. Seems like I am on the right track. Mark, you really have gone to town!! - very impressive.

Looks like I should be OK about 1/3 way up the rad with a flat cooler - only loose fit so far, but hope I have the same experience as you HoSS, 'cos I don't really want to remove bracing bars.

Hopefully these will be the last brackets I have to make as well!!


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Flippin Blinkin Landrover :angry2: ...

Just peed the afternoon away trying to find an adaptor to get the 8mm pipe from the gearbox with its fine thread fitting into the larger Discovery flat cooler panel course thread hole.

Been to Hyphose and Pirtek who both struggled to even identify the threads. Pirtek thought the Disco cooler was SAE which is used for airbrakes and F all else, so v. few adaptors available.

Anyone know the answer please?

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