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Petrol pumps, pumping diesel


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If you don't use a filter it might be OK with diesel? taking out the filter would surely reduce the load on the pump and those in tank pumps have got a gauze strainer on the pickup anyway which would take out anything major.

Isn't veg oil pretty thick though?

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I used my old V8 in tank pump in a Heath Robinson affair to pump diesel out of one tank into a storage container. Did 20l or so no problem, filter an all.

I cant say if it will do it repeatedly, but diesel isn't that much more visous than petrol is it? Veggie oil is another matter I would say.

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Would an in-tank pump from a 3.9 Rangie pump diesel or even veg oil reliably ?

Not for the engine directly, but for moving fuel from an auxilary tank to the main tank.

Well andy that is what pumps the diesel from the tank in the back of the 90 into the front tank. So yeah

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