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climate UNcontrol


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Hi all,

New poster, forum looks great :D Great guys too.

I collected my 2003 D2 Td5 GS Manual on Saturday from Yeovil LR. Great car actually, excellent Oslo Blue paint and overall finish (not a Friday afternoon car then), well looked after (30,000 in 4 years) and seems to be doing well on diesel consumption, as I know some do not.

I did a search of the forum and cannot find any Climate Control woes. Mine is not cooling at all and I shall be exercising my rights to get it fixed even though it is not covered on the 1year warranty.

Is there a common problem or a quick fault find with this before I start losing my car for days? Any advice would be most welcome



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Hello and welcome :)

The most likely problem (assuming you mean not blowing cold air from the a/c, rather than jammed on blowing hot air all the time!) is that the a/c system has lost pressure. There is a safety cut out in the system which means when the refrigerant leaks out and the system gets below a certain pressure, the magnetic clutch on the a/c compressor is disabled so that the compressor doesn't end up running "dry" and seizing up.

A refrigerant leak is by far the most common cause of a/c failure and is often missed in cool climates or in winter months.

The easy thing to do is to set the system to maximum cooling ("low" on both sides temp control, and a high fan speed) and check the a/c clutch to see if the middle of it is spinning, also you should hear a slight "clack" as it engages.

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Cheers for the advice and the welcome Bogmonster

You would think they would have checked the pressure eh! Even being an older car it should be worthy of a PDI. But I will not be too quick to diss Yeovil as they have been sterling so far.

I will check the clutch and listen for the clack in the morning.

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