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Diff Rebuild


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Well the breather pipe had come off my rear axle when I was offroading. Unfortunately I was lax on checking my motor over and it has now destroyed my diff pinion bearing (I know its my own fault). So i'm going to have a go at rebuilding my diff. It’s an ARB locker on a 90 if that makes a difference, i have never done one before to be honest but I have access to all the tools and fancy having a go for myself when I come back from uni. (AKA im a skin flint)

So how do I:

1. Clean the diff to an acceptable standard it is covered in muddy oil? (I’m thinking a bath of some sort of cleaner but what)

2. Is there a write up for a land rover diff rebuild anywhere?

3, Does anyone know the parts number for the diff carrier bearings, pinion bearing and an oil seal for a 24 spline ARB locker? (Sorry i dont have my epc at uni)


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1. Take it all apart and preserve the ARB diff centre somewhere clean and dry. Bathe the other bits in Gunk degreaser and then power hose off, repeat as needed to get the case clean. DRY ALL THE BITS IMMEDIATELY in a warm oven or similar.

2. Have you checked the Tech archive?

3. Sorry, even less help than 2.


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Strip the entire lot and clean off in a bath of parrafin. Be aware you need to entirely strip the ARB in order to clean it all out properly.

You'll need to blue up the teeth to set it all up properly again and will almost definately need to reshim it after changing the bearings.


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