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Visit Ireland!

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Folks I was going through a camera I hadn't touched since Christmas and found this shot of the Big Show on Valentia Island in SW Ireland.

I love it for showing off how right Bahama Gold was as a RR colour but apart from that check out the beauty...

Visit Ireland!

Oh and now that I think of it I passed a maroon 110 very kitted out and with either NI ore UK plates that week on Valentia -anyone one here? It was just at the site of the first trans Atlantic cable landing.


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sweet! turn left at the first shamrock, left again by the broken down shelaleigh and if you need directions ask a leprachaun :lol:

Oh and if you're partial to tomatoes then bring your own cause we only have tomatoes here :D does that work?

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the Big Show on Valentia Island in SW Ireland.

Hi Shackleton, where in Ireland do you live??

I live on the same peninsula as Valentia Island, but on the southern side, ive been on Valentia Island a couple of times, but not ventured off road there yet.

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