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Door skin/frame removal?

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I thought there was a tech archive article on removing the skin from the doors, but i must have dreamed it...

Can anyone who's done it give me some info?

How difficult?

Results after? (i.e wrinky door? needs repaint?)

My frame on 2nd row doors are totally shot- if repair by removing skin will avoid a respray that would be magic.

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I managed to do this on a Series 3 split door. Drilled all of the rivets out, then carefully worked around the door with a couple of small pry bars. Once all the flaps had been bent lifted it straight off.

When I stuck it back together, I put duck tape on the door skin to stop the different metals contacting. Then dressed the flaps down with a pieceof wood and a hammer.

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hi guys,

whilst we're on the subject of door skins can you get them for 2nd row doors?



somebody somewhere must be making them as they are avaiilable on the e-fraud


I called LR dealer the other day though and they dont do the front skins - just the whole door. So I guess it must be Britpart of soemthing similar...

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