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My nice new chassis is finally ready to be picked up.

Picked up my new welder today - they couldn't get the 160 in 240v, so offered me a 170 with free trolley and 5kg spool of .8 wire and twin guage regulator. Is that sexy or what? :D


Almost got everything I need now, except for gas and face mask.

19.5m EN10255 tubing for the cage, plus odd bits of steel for saddles etc.

10-ton Sealey pipe bender

Brand new chassis.

New reinforced rear crossmember.

A considerable amount of determination.

Oh - and a pigeon fancying neighbour who'll complain :angry:

Les :)

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19.5 m of tube doesn't go far! I have used 5 x 6m lenghts so far (not all used yet but destined to be incorporated). Does include rock sliders and the tray back loop though so perhaps you will be ok.

Have fun. And give us regular updates of progress.

Good luck


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Looks very smart, how much £ if you don't mind me asking ? I've been catalogue shopping for a welder this morning in work and feel a serious wallet bashing coming on :o

About time too :P

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