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I am trying to bleed the brakes and the sodding thing will not bleed up properly.


Have I got the process right.

Near side outer front

off side outer front

Near side inner front

off side inner front

near side rear

off side rear.

or have I got it wrong....

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I am having similar issue with the ABS on my hybrid, cant get rid of all the air.


If you work out how to do this, could i pop over to see you, as you are only a mile away?

Bit cheeky i know, but it would be good to share the knowledge, if thats ok?

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Hahahahahahah see Ralph's post above!

Thats the way to do it! You'll need an assistant and my advice is to follow the manual TO THE LETTER!!!

Also make sure your battery is charged up cos I found it soooooooo frustrating to get halfway through doing it, only for the battery to go flat so the sodding pump wouldnt run!!


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