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Injector Pump endfloat?

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Hi Guys,

Still trying to sort out the problem with lack of boost pressure on my uprated 300Tdi 90 but I finally got round to checking the timing.

It was a little out (now corrected) and it seems to have improved matters (though I haven't yet had chance to see what the effect on boost pressure is). However I may now have another problem.

Whilst I was rotating the engine using the crankshaft pulley to set the timing, I noticed that there is a fair amount of endfloat on the injector pump shaft. The nut on the end (and the shaft) could plainly be seen to move in & out a few thou' as the engine rotated. I'm not sure how much but it was certainly noticeable. Is this normal?? Seemed a bit odd to me given the tolerances that injector pumps work to.

I have never seen this before. Has anyone else and is it likely to be causing a problem with fuelling?

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