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Defender Launch at Eastnor

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I'll have to chase my dealer up - last week they didn't seem to know anything about it.

I wonder if the dealers have to pay and therefore dealers that sell mainly Freebies, Discos and Rangies don't bother.

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I will report back Mo :)

Might take the precaution of leaving my credit card at home ;)

Will :)

What day are you going on Will?

Me and Lard are going up next friday to give it a good raggin , JST went up on tuesday and had a good day .

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yes, I went last week - AND I am just about to order a 90 hardtop with all the extras boxes ticked........ [my third new 90 since 1999]

The day is very well organised - the logistics must be huge....

One of the chappies told me that it is the FIRST such event that LR have ever done for Defender....

The things are pretty regular for the rest of the range [i have been on a few of those too]

Try to get there early and sign-on, so that you can be in the first off-road group [less waiting and the cars are all CLEAN]. Equally, when you get back from off-road, sign on quickly for the on-road to get the best choice.

I was also told that, it is precisely because defender 07 is sooooooo capable, that they allow us to drive the vehicles off-road unaccompanied....... those descents would be too much for the varied experience of drivers if they were in earlier defenders !!!

Copying from my post elsewhere:-

What did I like?:-

-new engine and gearbox and dash [of course]

-and I always loathed the useless flap vents below the screen in any case

What was I disappointed about?:-

-the same Austin Metro coloum stalks with same steering wheel

-the dammed seat-belt still gets caught in the door-catch [grrrrrrrrr]

-why did they put the rear speakers in the lower corners, behind the rear seats - they should be where I put mine, in the corner, up above the rear windows

-still no delay wipe/programmed wash to the rear screen [so I will just have to modify that omission again, I guess]

What did I notice?:-

-good "real-world" driveability - certainly over the standard factory TD5 - although less of an advance over my current TD5 which has overdrive and full sound-deadening

-as stated by everyone here before, truly extraordinary advances in off-road performance and throttle control

-all "freestyle" wheel options now have the anti-rollbars fitted front and rear.

-the cairns blue does indeed look dead cool

-90's with those forward rear seats have lower, re-profiled wheelboxes for the seats to sit on, but headroom is still VERY tight there - its a jolly neat and easy seat operation though....

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