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Leaky hard top 90

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I have always had a bit of a leak into the back but it seems to have got worse. From what I can make out it seems to be coming in just a bit behind the drivers seat through what looks like a black sort of foam seal that runs around the side about the height of the rear bulkhead.

This morning there was a fair sized puddle on the rubber mat between the wheel arches - possibly half a pint or so.

I am in the process of panelling the back so it is probably a good idea to sort it now whilst I am still in process. Do I need to take off the top and replace the whole seal or could I put a bead of some silicone type sealant all along the gap?

If I have to to the whole thing, how big a job is it? If a sealant bead what is best product to use since the ones you use in bathrooms give off a strong acetic acid smell which I suspect is not good for aluminium panels.

Any guidance would be most appreciated

Best wishes


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Did you just use bog standard B&Q silicone as per bathrooms etc?

yep, the clear stuff.

While in French thunderstorms, the sunroof was leaking like a sieve. During a few hours of sunshine, all I could find was the white stuff, and I lashed it all over the sunroof seals. Looks a mess, but it worked, sortof <_<

Someday, I'll be arsed to take the lights and roofrack off and sort it properly. :rolleyes:

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